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A Million Dead Birds Laughing - Bloom CD

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Limited run of Digi-Pack with 8 Page Booklet.
Artwork by Nick Rackham.

“Strange is the world
Why should men receive life in this world?
Men’s lives are as meaningless as the lives of insects
The terrible folly of such suffering
A man lives but as briefly as a flower
Destined all too soon to decay into the stink of flesh
Humanity strives all it’s days to sear it’s own flesh
In the flames of base desire
Exposing itself to fate’s five calamities
Heaping karma upon karma
All that awaits man at the end of his travails
Is the stench of rotting flesh
That will yet blossom into flower
It’s foul odor rendered into sweet perfume
Oh, fascinating
The life of man
Oh, fascinating”

- Evil Spirit - Kumonosu-jo (Throne of Blood)

‘Bloom’ produced by Sam Johnson and BB.
Engineered and Mixed by Sam Johnson at Three Phase Studios, Australia.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, United States.
All songs written and arranged by BB.
All lyrics by DL.
Except ‘Bloom’, ‘Equilibrium’ & 'Axiom' – Additional lyrics by BB.
Guest vocals on ‘Equilibrium’ by Aaron Grice (Hadal Maw) and James Turfrey (ex-The Mung).
Gang vocals performed by BB, DT, SA, Jim Luxford, Aaron Grice, Brendan Brown and Byron Smith.
Artwork by Nick Rackham.

Special Thanks:
Sam Johnson and Three Phase Studios, Nick Rackham, Daniel Presland, Brendan Brown, Matthew Pocock, Rob Brens, Hadal Maw, The Schoenberg Automaton, Aeon of Horus, Ne Obliviscaris, Cameron Gillard and Vanguard Touring, Lochlan Watt and Monolith, Welkin Entertainment, Svartwerk, Dave Haley and Psycroptic, Michael Summerton and Metalstorm, Lachlan Eddy and Whoretopsy, Matthew Chalk and Mephistopheles, Simon Goudkamp and Brazen Bull, Marlon Friday and Absvrdist, Soundworks Touring, Nikita Boyle, Katrina Aggett, Melissa Folino, Adam Stewart, our families, and anyone who truly supports and loves this music.

Released November 22, 2013

DL – Vocals
BB – Guitars / Vocals
SA – Bass
DT – Drums

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